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Planning a trip to the Isle of Man to do family research?

The Manx (Manx: Ny Manninee) are an ethnic group originating from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea in northern Europe. They are primarily a Celtic people, though with significant Norse and English influences.

Source: Wikipedia

If you’re planning a trip to the Isle of Man to do family history research then there is no better place to stay than Albany House. So far we’ve had visits from Clague’s, Maddrell’s, Wattersons, Kermott, Kelly’s, Quayles and Christian’s. One lady even found her ancestor’s grave from the 1700’s. We’d love to add your ancestral name to the list.
Nikki is a proud Manxie, a Kermode by birth. Her ancestors date back to the 1600’s. She has a vast knowledge on finding graves. Being a grave digger’s daughter she’s even dug a few.

What we can offer

A tailor made fully guided ancestral tour, with Nikki & Nigel. The tour can be as many days as you need. This includes a half day’s research field trip before you get here. Either in the IOM FHS Library or the Imuseum. We’ll also go hunting for your family graves before you get here so you’re not spending hours searching grave yards. Price is based on your requirements so please email us for details and we’ll base the ancestral tour around your family history.

  • Nikki – Half Day Research (approx 3.5hrs) – £75
  • Nikki – Full Day (approx 7/8hrs) – £150

Half and full day research can be anywhere on anything. Tell us what you need and we will do the field work for you. This can be done before you arrive or while you’re here.

  • And we’ll throw in the use of all our Manx History books, help with maps and explaining the various churchyards.

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Castles & crosses

Useful links  The imuseum is based in Douglas, full of photos and historic information   The Isle of Man family history society is based here in Peel. – Manx Births Marriages Deaths.


At Albany House all of our bedrooms have been furnished with attention to detail to ensure that your stay is enjoyable and relaxing. We like to hope that you have not just a good holiday with us but a great one.

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What our previous ancestral guests say

  • Quayles
    They have many books pertaining to the Isle that we were able to look at which were very helpful.
  • Susie Maddrell
    The preparation for our family anniversary celebration was superb, from Nikki's recommendations, to making reservations for dinner, to trying to locate family connections- they are an amazing team.
    Susie Maddrell
  • Brenda
    It had been 48 years since my friend and I had visited the Island and Nikki was so helpful in helping us find our original accommodation in Douglas all those years ago, she used Manx Nostalgia and was able to trace the Guest house we stayed at, that just made our return trip complete