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February 26, 2018
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August 23, 2020

Circular Walk around Peel Hill from Albany House B&B – With top tip for the Raad ny Foillan coastal walk

We set off on a windy Tuesday morning to record this circular walk of Peel Hill to Corrin’s folly and back down again. This walk takes you on what I call the easy way around the hill! The circular walk is approx. 4 miles, you need decent foot ware and if you have a pole take it with you. There are two poles in the umbrella stand by the front door at Albany House.

Walking up from Fenella Beach we took the road way up to the top, this is the roadway which faces the town. Before reaching the top gate we took the path to the right (see Yellow arrows on photo), going through the kissing gate you follow the path around the back of Peel hill.


On a clear day you can enjoy views of Northern Ireland. Parts are a little close to the cliff edge but it’s just a couple of spots other than that it’s an easy path.

Follow the path to the end where you’ll come to another gate way. Go through and take a seat with the “Wooden Walkers” there are some picnic benches here too.


If you were to follow on this path you would end up at Glen Maye.

This is now the top tip for those who have come from Glen Maye following the Raad Ny Foillan, don’t follow the sign that says go left but go right and enjoy the amazing views up to the tower, sat on the steps you will see a great view of the coastline you’ve just walked, see the whole of the middle of the island and the town of Peel! If you go left, you just see cliff and sea, you really do miss out!

Turn back go through the kissing gate and take the path to your right now,


The folly is a local land mark, built in 1806 by Thomas Corrin of Knockaloe Beg (the farm directly below the hill) this was built as a memorial to Thomas Corrin’s wife, Alice who died carrying her unborn child. It is believed that Alice, another child Christian and Thomas are all buried on the hill. Read the full story in the book Particularly Peel, by Howard Phillips, page 50 – copy at Albany House.

Enjoy the short video of the amazing views.  So beautiful up there, even on a windy day!


There are several paths to follow going back down.

From the folly steps head left towards the castle, when you come out of the kissing gate follow the road way to the top of the hill, now you can either take the road way to the right which is what you walked up or I’d recommend going straight ahead and over the peak, it’s breath taking view sat on the top.

Take care coming down, there are several benches on the way, so stop enjoy the view of Peel Castle and can you spot where Albany House B&B is! Yes you can see it from the hill…..Enjoy and please post your photos and tag Albany House B&B.


Nikki, Nigel, Freddy & Maye run Albany House B&B in Peel on the Isle of Man.
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